Robert Emoff


Rob is the co-founder of Healthy Quit Inc. Rob is responsible for our business development, marketing efforts, and strategic partnership with Corporations, Insurance Companies, and overall business alliances. Healthy Quit is a digital health company and a pharmacy that provides Vaping and Smoking Cessation.

Rob has over 15 years of sales and consulting experience working with clients and firms ranging from startup firms to numerous Fortune 100 companies.


Rob started his career partnering with homegrown organizations leveraging the expertise and guidance of a Fortune 50 partner. He branched into reorganizing the supply chain and overall business models of larger clients as they quickly became global players in their fields. The next 5 years of Rob’s career was spent in Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices, and Operating Rooms as he sold medical devices and assisted medical professionals with a disruptive technology in the healthcare space.


After leaving the realm of medicine, Rob built successful sales teams and organizations in the finance and risk space for two large global corporations. Overall the goal stayed consistent, to help disrupt the way business was being done and to offer alternative options for better end customer outcomes. He has always been a self-starter and proven catalyst for change.

Robert has a Bachelor’s of Science from Central Connecticut State University where he studied International Business and Finance. He also holds an MBA with a focus in Sustainability from Yale University School of Management.